Property Underwriting Facility Up to USD 1M on PML basis Construction & Engineering Facility Up to USD $30 Million Cargo Up to USD $7.5 Million per shipment with USD $15 Million maximum limit anyone location Combined General Liability Up to USD $25 Million Professional Indemnity Up to USD $7 Million Personal Accident & Sickness Up to USD $2.5 Million per person

Bahram (Brian) Salmanpour


Bahram (Brian) Salmanpour serves as non-Executive Chairman of Kay International AMEA Limited. He has entrusted the expansion of the Kay International PLC franchise brand to the executive team at DIFC in order to further penetrate Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Brian is the founder of Kay International PLC (established 1980) which currently operates as approved coverholder and accredited reinsurance broker at Lloyd’s of London and Londongate Investment & Management PLC (established 1997). Londongate Investment & Management PLC, is a specialist insurance and reinsurance management and investment consultancy company registered in the U.K with a primary mission to invest in, develop and manage licensed insurance companies, underwriting agencies (MGAs), and loss surveying companies in emerging markets.

In 1974, Brian established Bland Payne's (Lloyd's broker) operation in Iran and the following year, was instrumental in setting up Hafez Insurance Company with Royal Insurance Company (UK) and Continental Insurance Company (USA) as foreign partners.

Brian’s career spans over 40 years with immense entrepreneurial partnerships forged in regions across Asia, Middle East, and Africa aimed at promoting the insurance and reinsurance sector. These partnerships have produced the formation of 11 insurance companies throughout East Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Brian completed is Master of Business Administration from North American University (USA) and has an Associateship from IFS School of Finance (UK).